In this series of slots, NetEnt tried to please fans of classic slots. The “Jackpot 6000” slot machine started the series, which included the famous slot Mega Joker. In all slots of this series there is a very high RTP and high volatility of wins. In the jackpot slot, 6000 percent of the payout is set at 98.86 percent, and the maximum payout is 6,000 coins, with a maximum coin value of 0.5 euro and a maximum of 5 coins (that is, a payout of x600).
“Jackpot 6000” slot is a game with 3 reels and 5 bet lines, the size of which the gamer sets independently, using the button "Bet". On the panel in front of the screen, two icons "Eagle" and "Tails" are displayed, which, when guessing the correct answer, twice multiplied, multiply the bet. The "Spin" button starts spinning, "Max bet" allows putting a maximum number of coins on the stake. All functions can be studied in advance, if at first the player investigates slot machines for free and without registration. In this case, the chances of real money winning significantly increase.

Interesting Features

The first thing that catches your eye is a bright, but discreet design. The interface of the http://slotmine.com/jackpot-6000/ looks original and stylish - it feels like the designers have done a good job. As for the gameplay, it is simple and convenient. There is a traditional choice of the number of lines and bet sizes and much more. Encourage the player and warm up the interest in the process will be dynamic effects and animations. Advantages of the “Jackpot 6000”:

  • reliability;
  • detailed study of nuances;
  • high returns;
  • simplicity of gameplay;
  • a charge of positive emotions.

The design of the playing field of the “Jackpot 6000” deserves particular attention, for which the manufacturer of the game software used pictures of a real gambling establishment. That's why during the backs of a gamer can feel the atmosphere of the best Las Vegas casinos, beckoning with their lights the numerous gamblers.
A free slot machine offers gamblers to rotate three coils actively, building after every successful spin prize combinations on 3 lines of payouts. However, before scrolling the drums, the casino players need to decide on the size of the bet, choosing coins of suitable denomination from several suggested options. As soon as the final choice is made, it is possible to start boldly playing a game of chance to compete for the main cash prize machine in the amount of 6,000 coins. The probability of obtaining “Jackpot 6000” winnings is a record 98.86%. 

How to Play & Real Money Versions

The interface of the slot machine “Jackpot 6000” is implemented in the form of a typical slot machine of past years. The functional has three reels with three visible cells on each. Together, they form a field of 3 to 3. Before playing “Jackpot 6000” the player should set up a bet. In the lower right corner of the screen there is a panel for selecting coins that are "lowered" into the virtual slot. Only quarters and fifty kopecks (25 and 50 cents) are available. It is allowed to put 1 or 2 coins (activating one line), 4 coins (activating two lines), 6 coins (three lines), 8 coins (four lines) or 10 coins (all five lines). Three lines of the old slot are horizontal, and two lines are diagonal. After choosing the value of the coin and the number of coins for the bet, you can start the rotation. It is unlikely that the above actions will require someone to prepare for a free game without registration. The application will automatically notify the winners of the winning combinations of three symbols on the active lines. The most expensive among them – are the stars, immediately awarding a hundred credits. Experienced players are advised to play the “Jackpot 6000” on the "1-5" strategy. To do this, you need to gradually increase the number of active lines from one to five after each loss. Accordingly, the rates will increase. If you win, you do not need to change anything. If you reach the five lines, return to the original line.
Effective this strategy or not - can be verified by playing in the demo mode at any chosen casino. It is not necessary to use this strategy; one can choose something different or come up with your own game plan. In general, experienced players strongly recommend starting playing “Jackpot 6000” for free, so this opportunity is available in online casinos, and then go to the money rates. Having gained experience and having studied the operation of the machine “Jackpot 6000”, try to play for money. Do not put too much, it is most effective to play with the rates of medium size. The slot machine “Jackpot 6000” is famous for its generosity, so it will definitely bring you a big win.

Lines & Reel Strips

The slot machine “Jackpot 6000” has three reels and ten pay lines with the possibility of making payments on them. On each of the lines you can put from one cent and up to one dollar. Totally, your bet can not exceed ten dollars per spin.

Bonus Rounds

There is an opportunity with a risk of doubling any prize. After the successful scrolling, energetic music will play, and the program will suggest whether the virtual coin turns to the gamer by a profile or a maple leaf. The chances of succeeding or losing credits are 50 to 50, so doubling is important in time to complete. In addition, there is a bonus round in the slot - Supermeter. It can happen only when playing 10 coins. Drawing on special conditions will allow adding the initial winnings to the special "bank" indicated above. The bet becomes twice as much, but the appearance of at least two jokers will make it possible to receive a jackpot (maximum of 6,000 coins). Exit from the Supermet is similar to the way out of the risk game: if the user does not take the prize, he will lose his bank.

Variations of this slot

You can start the game in “Jackpot 6000” within two modes: test and basic. The first option is suitable for inexperienced players who are only trying their hand at handling online slot machines upon the halt of many online casinos. The second mode will allow you to compete with the system immediately, using real capital for this. It is noteworthy that the algorithms for working in the demo version and the standard game are no different, which makes it possible to test the “Jackpot 6000” video slot without unnecessary risks.

Rules and features

The rules of the “Jackpot 6000” are so simple that in a couple of minutes even beginners will understand it. First of all, you need to determine the number of active lines. Next, set the bids and run the “Jackpot 6000” slot. You can look at the payout table to see the game symbols and find out what winnings they can bring to you. The slot is equipped with seven keys for control. The first two and the fourth with the fifth are used for a special round in which one can double the bet in one click. The bet adjustment and start of rotation are carried out by the third, sixth and seventh buttons. In the “Jackpot 6000” slots game, one coin can be put on one line at a minimum, and the coin itself can cost 25 or 50 cents, so the highest rate here is $ 5. The popularity of the gambling proposal is due to a colossal return at a rate of 98.86%. On the three drums, fruit and classical symbols familiar to all will appear for payment:

  • Cherries and lemons bring 20 bets;
  • Bunches of grapes - 60;
  • Golden Bells - 80;
  • The star is 100.

The highest paid card - is the Joker. When the player fills all the cells with this bright character, the deposit purse receives 6,000 bets.
The graphic part of the “Jackpot 6000” slot machine looks quite bright and colorful, although it is inferior to more modern game slots. However, this is quite expected from the classic slot. The soundtrack will help you pass several hours of playing to this excellent gaming device. “Jackpot 6000” provides the players with both a scatter symbol and a wild symbol, which is not found in every slot of this class. Even the bonus rounds in it are provided by the developers, which cannot but rejoice. The advantages of the “Jackpot 6000” slot are:

  • advantageous payment table;
  • convenient functional;
  • colorful graphics.

History of "Jackpot 6000"

"Jackpot 6000" by NetEnt is named so, for the coveted opportunity to get 6000 coins, if three Joker symbols match in any of the active lines. The popularity of this machine is growing due to the extreme simplicity of the game process itself. From the first moments the functional becomes clear even for a beginner gamer. Hoping only for luck, a visitor to a virtual casino, after making bets, turns the drum and collects vivid, colorful symbols of the classic fruit theme.
Slot’s settings allow activating or completely turning off the sound effects. If you wish, use the "Quick game" mode, which speeds up the rotation of the coils and shortens the round time. This slot attracts great animation, contagious music and a real opportunity to get a big enough prize and great pleasure from the most fascinating process.


“Jackpot 6000” slots, created by the world legislator of gambling NetEnt, are considered a favorite among traditional classical models. Norwegian developers have bet on getting gamers the maximum pleasure from the round and the opportunity to become the owner of a big win. Almost the same situation is was around Eye of Horus tattoo and slot symbols in the form of grape clusters, cherries, lemons, jokers, golden bell and stars are drawn in the best traditions of the creators of the most fascinating plots, and the rules are acquired on an intuitive level. The appearance of symbols in one row is fraught with reward. The slot offers the brave ones who risked playing online, the colossal Jackpot. But if Fate this time is not so generous, you can try to disrupt the second largest jackpot, and the availability of two bonus games in the “Jackpot 6000” allows you to earn and quite good money. In addition to the "Eagle" and "Tails" emulator offers a round of the Supermeter, which becomes available after the appearance of a winning combination. Developers of software specifically increased the probability of the appearance of prize situations, so that everyone who has a real chance to win.